Sovereign person Webinar on 'Sovereign individual - or government tax slave?'

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Sovereign Individual
- or government tax slave?

We appreciate your interest in learning what "freedom" truly is. As you already understand, and most likely doubt, it is not what your government wants you to believe. It is almost the opposite. It starts with your birth! You birth certificate is, in fact, nothing more and nothing less than a slave contract that obliges you for the rest of your life to serve your government...

How you get free of those chains?

That's what we will explain!

The webinar will be held in Novasol's voice room at the times announced on the web page you just came from.

The instructor will be Mogens Eliasen.

The objective for this Webinar is to give you an understanding of what the government does to control you, by using artificial "personal incorporations", which they can dictate everything for - when they can make you believe that this artificial creation is "you".

As Joseph Goebbels (Hitler's propaganda minister) said in 1936, "When you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe in it as the truth."

Also, as William Casey, Director CIA said in 1981 at an internal staff meeting, whose notes leaked without authorization, "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." And this is not just the USA. It is a world-wide problem.

This Webinar will cover:

  • What are your fundamental human rights? What your government has accepted to respect - and deliberately circumvents...

  • Your government slave ID - how it is created and how you are taught that it is "you"....

  • The government's plot - how it works through contracting...

  • Your options for freedom - the tough one and the simple one

  • Your government slave ID - and when you should use it

  • Creating alternative IDs as a sovereign individual - and how you use them

  • Understanding jurisdiction - and keeping out of the government's control...

  • How your government makes you pay taxes...

  • Using a sovereign ID to create a financial basis for your future

  • Insisting on not mixing the two kinds of ID!

  • Consequences of screw-ups...

  • Your action steps to get started

This webinar is requiring that you are open-minded and willing to understand the principles of how laws and contracts work. It is not what most people think... If you feel as if your government is committing treason against you and the people in your country, then you are completely right! That is exactly what is going on. Dirty, stealthy business, the aim of which is a totalitarian police state where people have no say and can be completely controlled by those in power. George Orwell's "1984", with "Big Brother" not only watching you but also completely controlling everything you do.

The real problem is that most people do not want to believe that this is truly what is going on. But the truth does not change because we ignore it or deny it. The first step that is required in any successful battle is that we understand what the enemy is doing and that we respect his powers. But that does not mean that we surrender. Neither does it mean that we confront the giant on the giant's own terms and let it crush us.

There are other ways...

The next webinar on this topic is scheduled for

  • Tuesday+Thursday, JAN 24+26, 2012, at noon MST (2 PM EST, 2000 hrs Mainland Europe, 0800 hrs next day New Zealand)

This webinar is scheduled to last about 2 hours, but might go longer, subject to questions from the audience.

The next webinar on this topic is scheduled for

  • Tuesday+Thursday, JAN 24+26, 2012, at noon MST (2 PM EST, 2000 hrs Mainland Europe, 0800 hrs next day New Zealand)

In order for you to participate, there are four requirements (all links open in a new window):

  1. For retrieving your log-in instructions and password, you will need a hushmail account - but it is free, so that should be no issue.

  2. You must make a nominal payment of US$ 10.00, using a credit card in your own name, so we can verify your ID.

  3. You must submit to us via hushmail this affidavit - and we will then respond with the password for the webinar to your hushmail account. Our response will be your confirmation that the nickname you selected for entrance to the voice room has been accepted by us, so you do not get blocked out from the conference because we cannot identify you. We will not send that password through unencrypted e-mail, and we do not send it to people who do not submit their affidavit, appropriately edited with their personal data, so please be careful about following the instructions for that affidavit (they are included in the document you open when clicking on the link above). Please also note that you cannot edit that document until you have copied it into an open hushmail of yours!

If you participate by invitation of a sponsor, then please refer to the name of the sponsor and the code you got from the sponsor, if you got one.

To your freedom!

Novasol Judicare Inc.

If you want to move funds to a business or an account you do not own (and thus has no personal tax liability for), then you have three possible options for your motive to do so:

  1. You can donate the money.
  2. You can invest.
  3. You can transact business.

If you live in a country where Common Law prevails, and you "transfer" money or other assets to an offshore entity or account that is not a charity, without it being part of a legitimate and bona fide business deal you can show signed paperwork for, you can expect your taxman to assume that you have a beneficiary ownership interest in the receiving party - which means tax liability on your part!

Morale: No matter how careful you were when establishing your offshore presence, you can blow it all away with stupid ownership behavior!

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This stuff is not taught in any school or at any university that is controlled by government. But it is vital to know for anyone who has a desire to get rich and not ripped off by their own government.

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